Welcome to Banyan!


Our thematic, play-based program utilizes hands-on experiences in cognitive, communication, social, physical, and emotional development. Banyan teachers are a vital part of our team who implement and support educational programming to promote early childhood education. Through support from Program Coordinators and collaboration with the Director of Nursing, our teachers guide staff to provide quality infant/toddler, early childhood, and school-age programs.
Each classroom follows a schedule based on our children’s age and developmental level. Our plans incorporate a balance of active and quiet activities, small and large group times, and teacher and child-directed tasks to engage all children in our care. Children participate in themed and lesson activities, outside or gross motor time, and creative projects daily while at the center. Children are also provided with a nap/rest/quiet time in the middle of the day as developmentally appropriate. Those that have outgrown nap time are provided with quiet activities to engage in while their peers are sleeping. The exception to this is the Infant room, where the individual infant’s needs and sleep schedule dictate their sleep-wake and activity cycles.