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Banyan Pediatric Care Centers provide innovative and comprehensive pediatric daycare for children with medical challenges. We are a Medicaid Licensed Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care PPECC that provides quality nursing daycare for children from birth to 21 years of age.

What is a PPECC?

PPECC’s are non-residentail centers that serve medically dependent or technologically dependent recipients 0-21 years of age who require short, long-term, or intermittent medical care due to medically complex conditions
PPECCS serve children who have a variety of complex medical neends
Vant dependency
IV Therapies
Fedding Disorders
Tube Feedings
Neurolgical Disorders
Cardiac defects
Other Complex medical neends

Children who come to PPECC’s receive skilled medical, respiratory, physical, and occupational therapies tailored to their individual needs. When prescribed by a physician, minors can attend a PPECC up to a maximum of 12 hours per day to received medical, nursing, psychosocial, therapeutic and developmental services appropriate to their medical condition and development status1 PPEC’s Can provide 12 hours of daily care for families struggling with the unique and complex medical needs of their children and allow the parents of these children the opportunity to still pursue their professional goals.

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Registered Nurses
Occupation Therapists
Physical Therapists
Happy Environment
Speech and language Therapy

Meet Jacob

Jacob started coming to our center in March of 2016. He was born premature at 26 weeks and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, hypertonia, and developmental delays requiring skilled nursing and developmental therapies.Over the past three years the team at the our center has witnessed Jacob reaching and surpassing goals and milestones with his daily skilled nursing and coordinated therapies by Lampert’s on site therapists. He now uses adaptive utensils and is able to feed himself. He jokes with the staff, always has a positive outlook and smile on his face.Jacob now comes daily before and after school and on school breaks. He set goals for himself and hopes to gain independence through the use of an electric wheelchair!We are happy to have a team of therapists from Lampert’s Therapy Group working with us to offer intensive services to enhance the abilities of our children. On-site therapists provide speech/language, feeding, occupational, physical, and behavior therapies. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and early intervention strategies, these therapists provide specialized treatment to increase the independence of those we serve.We love seeing kids like Jacob grow, gain independence and most importantly, smile!

Banyan News

Banyan Begins Construction in Two Markets.

Since completing our initial equity raise, we have started build out for our first two centers in Sarasota and Pasco.

The Banyan Bus is Ready to Roll!

We’re excited to have our first Banyan Bus branded and ready to roll. We will have a fleet of busses across all of our centers to transport kids to and from our facilities.

Kidz Club in St. Pete to Join Banyan Family!

Banyan has begun an aggressive acquisition strategy in several growth markets. We have recently entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with The Kidz Club, an existing and operating PPEC center in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Kidz Club is a terrific facility that has been in operation since 2011. And this is just the begining! We anticipate to be operating three centers in Florida within 6 months and are actively pursuing plans to open and/or acquire multiple centers in other emerging PPEC markets.